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Ease of use with inline management tool

Ease of use with inline management tool

All you need is a tablet and you can easily manage your restaurant reservation greatly improve table management, unlike traditional managment with paper. In addition, grow your own customer database, you can also grasp your customer preference and status. Let’s take a look at how inline keeps your customers old and new from coming back to your restaurant!

  Multiple Platforms

Increase Restaurant Efficiency

inline can quickly open up multiple booking platforms for you, increase restaurant exposure, double customer volumes, and you no longer need to separately manage booking from different platforms. 

 No Need for Manual Confirmation

Automatically Confirm Reservation

  1. No on-site waiting, no App to download, easily keep track of queue status anytime with a mobile phone.
  2. The system will automatically send a confirmation text before customer arrives. Manage reservation efficiently without calling the customer manually.
  Table Map

On-site Control on The Palm of Your Hand

Keep up to date with the current table status with customized restaurant table map. In addition to arranging seats for booked guest, increase table turnover rate by adding walk-in guests to empty tables.

  Collect Customer Reviews and Feedback

Immediately Handle Unsatisfied Feedback

​A questionnaire is sent automatically to customer after they have been seated for some time.  The system will notify the restaurant if a guest needs to speak with a representative. A perfect customer service system.

  Marketing to Specific Customer

Create Sustainable Return

Seated customer information no longer just a record on a piece of paper.

inline will help you create an entire customer information database. Which can be quickly categorized and follow-ups, for informations such as, visits, cancellations, special preferences etc.

Operating Data Database

inline will create a complete operational database for you. Analyze status of daily visitors and customer base. Help restaurant effectively adjust business models.

Voucher Marketing

Binding questionnaire with voucher encourages customers to fill out questionnaires.  Vouchers can also target events and birthdays to attract customers to visit again.

Customer Based Promotion

Create customer information in the backend, send promotion newsletter activities according to selected conditions. Smart advertising.

More Powerful Features…

Prepay deposit

Prepay deposit

Specify if deposit is required for reservation.  Track customer payment status.

Table Service

Table Service

Appoint server to designated table, collect customers feedback.  Increase servers performance quality.

Managment Control

Managment Control

Add new admin or general users, prevent information leakage in the APP.

Kiosk and TV Monitor

Kiosk and TV Monitor

Allow visitors to check their waitlist status with TV wall mount.

Online reservation management

Online reservation management

Easily control the maximum number of daily booking and table of the restaurant to prevent overbooking.

Takeout service

Takeout service

Provide takeout orders for guests, manage orders on an iPad.

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