Privacy Policy

inLineApps Ltd. Privacy Policy

1. How we use your information

Details in the Privacy Policy includes how the system uses the information you provide.  Privacy Policy does not cover or take responsibility for links to other websites not owned or controlled by inLineApps, including personnel involved in the management.

2. Collecting and Use of Personal information

By using the system, we will ask you to provide necessary personal data required to fulfill certain requests. We will not provide your personal information for other purposes without your consent.

3. Security of your data

Security measures are taken to protect your personal data.  Both the system and cloud database are equipped with firewalls and anti-virus. Only authorized personnel who have signed the confidential contract can access your personal data.  Any unauthorized access will be punishable by law.  The staff may share your personal information for the purpose of service with other units. The system will strictly comply with the Policy and necessary action to ensure the protection of confidentiality.

4. Sharing personal information with 3rd parties

The company will not provide, exchange, rent, or sell any of your personal data to individuals, groups, private companies, or public agencies, but may not apply to the legal basis or contractual obligations.  The above mentioned are not limited to:

  • Your written consent
  • Permittable Law
  • Prevent your life, body, freedom, and property from danger.
  • Cooperating with academic institute and public agency for the purpose of research in gathering statistics and public interest.
  • When you have violated the Policy or caused harm to a person’s rights, the site manager will reveal your personal data to identify, contact or take legal action.
  • Benefit your rights.
  • The vendors are responsible to maintain appropriate security while collecting, processing or using your information.

5. Changes to this Policy

The site can modify the privacy policy at any time. Changes made in this Policy will be posted on here.