Terms of Service

inLineApps Terms of Service

inLineApps Ltd.(hereinafter, inLine)is committed in safeguarding your privacy.  inLine promise to respect and keep your data confidential.  Before using inLine products and services, please review the privacy policy. By accessing our website, text, automated calls, or related products and services, you acknowledge that you agree with the policy.


The Terms of Service『this “Agreement”』, explains the agreement, reservation and waitlist for the users.
『Privacy Policy』explains how the website gather and process personal information when accessing inLine website.
The term『You』mean any users or related person accessing the inLine www.inline.tw website.
The terms『Us』、『We』、and 『inLine』means the company.
『Services』means any features and services made available in this website.
『Restaurant』means participating third-party restaurants whom agree to offer products and services to us.
『Site』means this website or mobile app related services.

I、inLine website usage rules

During your use inLine website, you must agree with the terms and the following principles:

  1. Abid to the laws and regulations of Republic of China;
  2. Do not use inLine website for any illegal purposes;
  3. Do not use inLine web service system to perform any acts unfavorable to inLine ;

II、inLine Disclaimer

  1. inLine website will fulfill your requests;
  2. inLine website will uninterrupted, available or error-free;
  3. Meet your expectations while using inLine website to obtain services, information or other information;

III、Use of personal data

The company will not sell, transfer, or disclose personal data to any third-parties, except for the following circumstances:

  1. The company will share your information with a third-party when collaborating events together, to provide you with products and services. If you choose to participate in the event, you give consent to provide personal information to the third-party collaborator of the event.
  2. Website of the company inLine, under certain circumstances, will provide your personal information when required by law, court order, administrative investigation or other legal purposes.  Information will be provided for the purpose of investigation and is protected by the relevant laws of the Republic of China.
  3. To investigate and prevent illegal activities, suspected fraud, potential threats to personal safety, violations to the company / inLine’s website terms of service, or to respond to the above situations.
  4. When inLine website or the company is acquired or merged with other company, we have the right to transfer your personal data to the merger. inLine website will inform you ahead of time when your personal data will be transferred to a different privacy policy.

IV、Changes to this policy

inLine reserve the right to modify, halt, or forever end inLine APP services. You understand and agree inLine is not held responsible for any legal liability.


The headings in this article are for reference only, does not affect the policies and the clauses should not be ignored.