Why inline?

inline greatly reduce waitlist processing time

Smarter restaurant reservations, period.

Traditional restaurant booking is a cumbersome process. Staff hand-writes the reservation details into a notebook and then calls the customer a day before to confirm the reservation. This is not only inefficient, but a huge drain on your staff’s time and energy every single day.


Inline solves this problem with technology. With our automated service, the customer is notified by text the day before the reservation magically. Once the customer replies, the restaurant’s system will update with the latest status on your iPad, allowing for the staff to see the reservation status in real-time, without doing anything at all!

Traditional booking method

  • Staff on standby to answer calls
  • Prone to writing errors
  • Might be unclear over the phone
  • May need to redial to guest

inline Reservation

  • Automated calls  
  • Automatically record data  
  • Avoid communication problems  
  • Automated SMS confirmation  

Automated queue management

The staff is the busiest when your restaurant is busy, that’s just how it is. Instead of having the staff spend time taking down names and managing the in-person queue, why not leave it to the inline systems?

Inline’s innovative queue management system automatically notifies customers when their table is almost available, allowing them to confirm or forfeit their table directly without taking up the time of your staff! We’ve seen up to 10x improvements in time saved by the staff in the process!

Increase your efficiency immediately!

Significantly reduce

  • Costs
  • Pressure
  • Waiting time
  • Human error

Significantly increase

  • Seated customers
  • Table turnover rate
  • Online reservations
  • Customer satisfaction

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